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The Center for Inner Resources Development (CIRD) is a unique Knowledge Institution that helps individuals discover and harness their inner resources through a deeper understanding of the human mind, and develop a poised all-embracing personality. The first CIRD came up in Vasundhara near Delhi in 1999. Workshops for corporations and administrators, classes and satsangs for seekers, and special cultural classes for underprivileged children are held there regularly. A center has been established in Malaysia and similar ones are coming up in Jamshedpur, India, and in the United States. Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, a renowned spiritual master and teacher of Vedanta from India for more than five decades is our inspiration and guide.

In Swamiji's own words, spirituality is a subject that directly addresses the issue of examining oneself to understand, – 'Am I all matter or energy?' Do we know of any energy and matter that is capable of thinking, feeling, and knowing? Wherefrom do thoughts come? Wherefrom do feelings proceed? How is it that emotions are constantly generated in our personality? Can matter or energy be the source of thoughts and emotions? If not, then what is the source of our mind? The study and contemplation on such questions that investigate the very source of our being, the Inner Self, and to make this knowledge accessible to one and all is the core objective of CIRD-NA.

While the Self is commonly recognized in spirituality as the Ultimate Truth, and its discovery the final goal of human life, Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha also characterizes it as the basis of the best of human qualities and excellences. The parallel approach of developing qualities such as equanimity, compassion, and contentment in our personality along with a single-minded focus and sustained inquiry into our fundamental nature leads us to the extraordinary discovery and realization of Self. Far from being merely an intellectual exercise, the goal of spirituality is nothing short of Self-illumination, a state that naturally endows us with the qualities of wisdom, compassion, and expansion.

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Our Inspiration and Guide

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

Ma Gurupriya

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha