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Guru – An Unfathomable Dimension
Our tradition and cultural refinement always had an inestimable value and worth. The thinkers of our land had taken into account the full human nature, the expression of individuals ranging from this extreme to that. Read More

How Sanyasa Originated
Wherefrom did the idea of sanyasa emerge? Sages, given to contemplation, derive power to probe into the very core of existence. This develops because of absorption into their very source during meditation. Read More

A person has to become liberal. It is particularly related to resourcefulness. As one becomes resourceful, he must also become liberal. As his resources grow so too should his liberality. Otherwise, the resourcefulness will have an adverse effect of constricting the personality. Read More

By any analysis, true self-development takes place only when the individual expands from his own personal and family circle to that larger one of the society, thereby making him endeavour with equal commitment for the growth and welfare of the society. Read More

The Theory of Karma
Seeker's Doubt: A person gets the result of his actions – deeds and misdeeds – in his lifetime. This is an extension of the saying, 'as you sow so you reap'. (Of course, there are exceptions that make us think of previous birth or next birth.) In a way, this absolves God whom we feel like persecuting whenever our hopes and aspirations get a severe jolt. Read More

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