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What are Inner Resources?

People generally think about external and material resources. They are given to developing and harnessing these alone. Nonetheless, excelling them all in great measure, reign the inner resources and the need for their development. When adequate thought is given to this subject and necessary enlightenment is also gained, human life will become very auspicious and fulfilling.

All the sciences and technologies are mostly aimed at identifying and harnessing the external resources of nature as held by earth, water, air, light and other forms of energy. Parallel to this, the human personality preserves within itself enormous resources, which are the key to any human achievement.

'Inner Resources Development' is Swamiji's unique and systematic approach which guides modern day aspirants to identify, understand and harness this limitless inner potential and find joy and fulfillment in all spheres of human endeavor. CIRD-NA conducts programs to grow awareness in people about their own inner resources and the way to harness them for developing a poised, harmonious, and indomitable personality.

Interactional Saadhana
Though extremely rational and scientific, the discovery and development of Inner Resources do not involve any external laboratory. The mind and intelligence are the only constituents to get you where you want, in achieving what you aim at. The search makes you turn inward and look for your own inner depth and magnitude. Saadhana is the process of actualizing knowledge - transforming spiritual knowledge into a living source of strength, confidence, creativity and magnificence. 'Interactional Saadhana' is the saadhana that takes place when you are at your home, working in your office, or doing anything else. Every interaction is a unique opportunity for developing and refining your inner resources.

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