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A Transformative Spiritual Retreat at the renowned Airlie Center took place over the Memorial Day Weekend (May 28 to May 31, 2010) in Warrenton, Virginia. Please click here to see a writeup about the Retreat.

Please join us for the inaugural annual Retreat conducted by the Center for Inner Resources Development (North America). The Retreat at the Environmentally Certified Airlie Center will include discourses, interactive question and answer sessions and meditation conducted in serene and beautiful surroundings. CIRD-NA welcomes individuals from all religious and philosophical backgrounds to attend the Retreat at Airlie.

The theme of the Retreat at Airlie is "Achieving Inner Poise and Fulfillment".

About the Retreat: The Retreat will be led by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, a great spiritual Guru of India’s venerable wisdom tradition based in Vedanta. Above and beyond the significant spiritual transformation a seeker receives in Swamiji's presence, the Retreat offers the following objects of pursuit:

  • Learn about the mind and its potential from a great spiritual Guru from India
  • Ignite love for what is deepest and best in us
  • Glimpse and connect with our inner Spirit
  • Break mental barriers to inner greatness
  • Find a spiritual community
The final program details are provided here: Airlie Retreat.

Retreat Location – A Place of Solitude and Relaxation: We will be conducting the Retreat at the exclusive North Campus of the Airlie Conference Center in Warrenton, Virginia, just 45 minutes away from Dulles airport in the Washington DC area. Situated in the foothills of the Virginia Piedmont, Airlie comprises of more than 2500 acres that includes its modern lodging and conference facilities amidst surrounding wetlands, meadows, and woodlands.

You will find this place a beautiful natural setting for personal reflection and positive transformation. Visit to learn more.

Retreat Cost:

  • $300 per person for three nights in single occupancy rooms and nine vegetarian meals with continuous refreshments (includes all Retreat classes, discourses and Q&A sessions)
  • $450 for two people staying three nights in double occupancy rooms and nine vegetarian meals with continuous refreshments (includes all Retreat classes, discourses and Q&A sessions)
  • $50 for the Saturday (05/29) or Sunday (05/30) Day Package (both days for $100) providing lunch and continuous refreshments without lodging (includes the Day's Retreat classes, discourses and Q&A sessions). Please enter "DAY" in the PC field on the Registration page to view the available Day Packages.

The cost of lodging, meals, and facilities for the Retreat at the Airlie Center are covered in significant part by donations which allows us to offer the subsidized Retreat fees. Double occupancy rooms are available for participants of the same gender or married couples. You must book a double occupancy room with another person in advance of the Retreat as we will not assign any roommates ourselves.

The charge is for lodging (3 nights) and boarding (vegetarian meals) only, and participants will pay it directly to the Airlie Center. Participants will not incur any charge for the classes and lectures during the Retreat.

Who's Organizing This? This event is made possible through CIRD-NA, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Questions? Comments? Please contact us via email, phone or online:

To Attend the Retreat: Online Registration (external link)