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001 – Who is a True Disciple – 1 | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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As the beautiful narration of Yoga Vasistha continues, Ma gives us an insight into the qualities of a True Disciple. Why do we find ourselves not progressing in our Sadhana? Ma fondly tells us – just an acquiring of knowledge will not suffice, rather the cultivation of Sadhana Chatushtayam (four-fold virtues) alone will bring about a transformation in us. Being in a loving association of a Mahatma and following his instructions with great faith and humility, marks the beginning of the real sadhana for a seeker of Truth.

Having started on this path, we already have these four-fold virtues in some measure. The call is to develop them further under the guidance of a Self-Realized Knower – to overcome all our inhibitions and walk on a path of expansion. This alone will take our seeking to its intended fulfillment.

Verses discussed:
Yogavasistha Ramayanam 2.2.11, 2.2.13, 2.2.14, 2.2.19, 2.2.20
Vivekachudamani 17, 25, 3, 36, 15, 486, 519
Tattvabodha 1
Bhagavad Gita 2.67, 4.34
Mundakopanishad 1.2.12

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