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01 – Mundakopanishad | Unchanging Source of the Changeful World

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This series of talks are classes conducted by Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha. It is a rare exposition where Swamiji deeply analyses and explains each and every verse of the text.
This Upanishad presents the ancient knowledge which was passed from one generation to the next through the Guru-shishya lineage. In this Upanishad, Sage Angiras imparts it to Shaunaka, a householder disciple.

Explaining the Shanti Mantra of Mundakopanishad, Swamiji explains that it is chanted to make our mind focussed and to create a sublime atmosphere for the study of the Upanishads. Swamiji proceeds to analyze the Shanti Mantra in detail, where one prays for overall auspiciousness.

Swamiji discusses the first two verses which highlight the importance of Brahma Vidya that is going to be presented in the Upanishad. These initial verses speak about the spiritual lineage.

Swamiji also begins speaking about Shaunaka, the great householder, who approaches Sage Angiras with his deep spiritual enquiry.

Shlokas discussed: (1.1.1 to 1.1.3)

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