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02 – Sadhana For Life | Based on Bhagavad Gita | Swami Bhoomananda Tirth

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In this talk, Swamiji continues to discuss the plight of Arjuna. When admonished by Sri Krishna, the aggrieved Arjuna understood that he was suffering from narrow-mindedness, delusion and indecision and was unable to understand how to bring up the necessary resolve to fight. He confessed to Sri Krishna that he was now a seeker of Shreyas (auspiciousness) and a disciple seeking clarity and redressal of his grief.

Swamiji reiterates the fact that the entire Bhagavad Gita dialogue is between Sri Krishna, the Guru and Arjuna, the disciple. He says that Bhagavad Gita redresses the plight of the human being. Every word in the text is meant to convey and communicate Knowledge. Swamiji says that Sri Krishna, through his instructions, is trying to enter the heart and mind of Arjuna and kindle his intelligence.

Discussing Saankhya Yoga (2nd chapter), Swamiji says that the word ‘Saankhya’ means ‘knowledge’ which has to be gained by a consistent pursuit of introspection. In Saankhya Yoga you employ your mind and intelligence and only do introspection. It is a process where the intelligence is engrossed in reflection and contemplation.

Elaborately discussing the shloka 2.12, Swamiji says that Sri Krishna was presenting the Upanishadic Soul insight and relating it to the scene in front. This is the uniqueness of Bhagavad Gita. Krishna discusses the Self, which is beyond birth and death and which cannot be killed. This is the enlivening presence in us which we call ‘I’. Swamiji says that Sri Krishna is making a great universal observation, an Upanishadic revelation in the battlefield.

Swamiji infuses clarity in us by elaborating on the Truth as presented by Sri Krishna. He discusses how Sri Krishna removed all the apprehensions of Arjuna and instilled a new process of reflection. Swamiji reiterates that each and every one has to understand that he/she is not the body, the mind, the intelligence or the ego but something far superior—the ever-present ‘I’.

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