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03 – Kathopanishad | Self Transcends Birth and Death

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In this talk, through the verses of the text, Swamiji makes an in-depth study of the personality of Nachiketa.

The discussion starts with the three boons that were offered by Yamaraja to Nachiketa. As a first boon, Nachiketa asks that his father’s mind should be restful. He did not have any worldly desires. Here, Swamiji focusses on the love and selflessness of Nachiketa.

For his second boon, Nachiketa wanted to learn Agnividyaa for the benefit of the people and in the process, proved his exceptional attention (Sraddha) as a student. He was thinking about the well-being of the society.

One understands from this talk that spirituality is all about expansion of the mind. A true seeker will love his family, his friends, the society, the country and the entire globe. His love and concern will embrace the whole world.
Shlokas Discussed: (1.1.10--(1.1.19)

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