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03 – The Way to Freedom and Fearlessness | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this talk, Ma reiterates that a sadhaka (the spiritual practitioner) must have unswerving faith in the words of the scriptures and in the words of the Guru.

Ma underlines the importance of reflection and self enquiry in spiritual practice.

Ma urges us to constantly assess ourselves and evaluate our progress. We must question ourselves whether we have the requisite intensity and yearning to reach the goal. Ma warns us that we must not get complacent thinking that we have made good progress in the spiritual path.

In this exposition, Ma gives us clues on how to cultivate dispassion towards the transitory world. She encourages us to take the help of slokas to enrich our minds and experience Godliness all around us.

Most importantly, Ma reminds us that we must feel a sense of blessedness and gratitude for the presence of the guiding hand of the Guru in our lives. A Guru alone will unconditionally purify us and facilitate our spiritual progress, says Ma.

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