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04 – Points For Sadhana | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this talk, Ma reiterates that all scriptures reassure the seeker that a Guru unconditionally imparts this lofty knowledge to a qualified Shishya who has intense yearning to know the truth.

The compassionate Guru lights the lamp of knowledge and dispels the darkness of ignorance. The Guru shows the definite path to go across the worldly ocean and instills a sense of fearlessness.

Ma says that to be worthy of this knowledge, the Shishya must also do Sadhana and put in intense self effort. Devotion, steadfastness, meditation on the Self is necessary to actualise this knowledge.

Discussing the subject further, Ma explains that a seeker’s Sadhana involves listening (Shravana), Reflection or introspection (Manana), and Meditation on the Truth (Nididhyasana). Ma highlights the role of listening in spiritual progress. The Shishya, Ma asserts, must be attentive, focussed, wholesome and one-pointed when listening to the Guru's instructions. He must have a deep longing to know the truth and must ask whatever questions that spring up in his mind.

Ma assures us that the Guru is only too happy to remove the doubts of the Shishya, enlighten him, help him cultivate deep Vairagya and develop Viveka which are the necessary pillars of this Lofty Knowledge.

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