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04 – Transforming Our Personality | Bhagavad Gita Chapter 14 | Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

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In this talk, Swamiji continues to discuss the distinct property of each Guna and analyzes how they bind the mind and intelligence.

Sattva Guna is the cause of light and harmony. It brings about virtues in one’s personality and illuminates the intellect with knowledge. Sattva Guna creates bondage by causing one to cling to happiness and knowledge. Rajo Guna creates a fragmented vision and it binds one through getting attached to ceaseless activity. Tamo Guna is born of ignorance and it creates delusion by covering the truth. It binds the embodied beings through inertia of inattention, laziness and sleep.

Swamiji explains that entire nature is governed by the harmonious play of the three Gunas. It is our ego and desire, in association with the Gunas, that cause the bondage. In order to get rid of Rajas and Tamas bondage, Sattva Guna has to be cultivated in an ample measure. Sharp discrimination helps a seeker to win over the bondage of Sattva Guna also.

Swamiji emphasizes that no one can put forward the excuse that it is difficult to do. If one wants this attainment, one has to bring about a transformation in one’s entire lifestyle. One has to bring in a change in all the inputs—all thoughts, food and all physical, oral and mental interactions.

Slokas Discussed: 14.5 to 8

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