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07 – Brihadarayanka Upanishad | Yajnavalkya-Maitreyi Dialogue

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In this beautiful talk, Swamiji again recapitulates the concise and rare statements of Yajnavalkya. When the Consciousness or Brahman manifests through the body-mind personality, then we have the awareness. When the body falls, the individual Self gets merged in the Universal Consciousness.

Swamiji discusses the last and beautiful verse which says that this Consciousness is indeed beyond all duality. Swamiji says that the only reason we miss the Self is because of the tendency to look for something different. When we look for something different from us, we are objectivizing the Self. The Self cannot be revealed by anything else. Swamiji repeatedly reiterates that the Consciousness is beyond all duality.

Through this talk, we understand the need to do introspection to fully understand and absorb the concepts presented in this text.

Swamji ends this beautiful seven days session with a short story saying that human personality has Godly, human and demonic traits. To overcome the demonic traits, we must cultivate good qualities like self restraint, compassion, liberal attitude and love for others. The process of inculcation of virtues will lead us to the ultimate goal of immortality, assures Swamiji.

Verse Discussed: (2.4.14)

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