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086 – Sadhana in Guru Sannidhi – Part 2 | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this talk, Ma in a gentle but firm manner stresses on the great importance of self effort for a person walking in the spiritual path. She says that a seeker must have perseverance, vigilance and intensity to make progress in the spiritual path.

Narrating various incidents from her own life of seeking, Ma guides us on how to constantly monitor the state of our mind. Only an alert and attentive mind can know the vagaries of the mind and bring it back to the soul dimension, says Ma.

During her days of intense seeking, Ma had the habit of keeping a spiritual diary. Reading from this diary, Ma gives us a glimpse of how a seeker should practice his sadhana.

Ma lovingly explains that repeated contemplation on the qualities of soul, chanting the Guru mantra and deep observation of one's own behaviour helps a seeker to attain the ultimate goal. Discriminating between real and unreal, desire and need and cultivating contentment, a seeker can withstand the storm of life and float in bliss and remembrance of God, says Ma.

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