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021 – Yogavaasistha: Guru-sishya relationship | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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Is it possible to remain calm and tranquil in the midst of activities? Can our restless mind become peaceful? Can we remain unaffected whatever be the external situation?

Drawing parallels from Young Rama's questions to Sage Vasishtha at the picturesque Court of Ayodhya to her own seeking and dispassion during her young days which led her to Guru Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa and Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha ji, Ma Gurupriya ji reiterates that a burning desire for liberation and association with self-realized saints is the only way to eternal peace and happiness.

Let us get inspired by Ma's own spiritual journey and the examples she had vividly expounded from our sacred texts - the young Nachiketas at Yama's abode and Sage Suka in King Janaka's palace, and strive to follow the radiant path of light led by our Guru.

Verses discussed:
Yogavasistha Ramayanam 2.1.26, 2.1.33, 2.1.35, 2.1.36, 2.1.41, 2.1.43, 5.5.53
Kathopanishad 1.1.20, 1.1.26

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