Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

03 – Essence Of Scriptures

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In this talk, Swamiji discusses the word ‘Yoga’ in detail, removing many of our preconceived notions. He says that Yoga is a process by which one thing is united with the other. Actually, there is only ‘one’ which is creating an illusion of ‘many’. Yoga is a process where the illusory effect goes away and the real effect alone remains.

Swamiji says that when you understand that there is only one-the Self, then duhkha disappears. After hearing Krishna, Arjuna's intelligence took over, his grief disappeared and he become a seeker of Shreyas. So, in any instance, grief can be transformed into Yogic practice, asserts Swamiji. Krishna is making grief a point of introspection.

Swamiji says that in Saankhya, the focus is on probing into the mind. Krishna presented the singular Truth of the Upanishad—the Truth of the Self and treated Arjuna’s mind with the power of wisdom. Saankhya, says Swamiji, is a pursuit of introspection, whereby we probe into the mind and redress all doubts, grief and delusion.

Discussing happiness (sukhas) and Unhappiness(duhkhas), Swamiji says that they are the inevitable outcome of all sensory contacts. We must develop forbearance towards them both. The formula to deal with Sukha and duhkha is to accept sukha and duhkha alike with evenness, says Swamiji.

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