Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

04 – Essence Of Scriptures

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In this talk, Swamiji reiterates that Saankya yoga is a deep and wholesome study. In this study, one has to employ the mind and intelligence and gain the knowledge.

Speaking about 'infusional introspection', Swamiji says that the purpose of introspection is to infuse its effects into the mind and intelligence. Every proposition set forth by Krishna is to be contemplated upon and reflected upon by us.

Taking up the discussion of Samatva again, Swamiji says that the evenness towards the changeful sukha-duhkhas is one which we have to preserve, nourish and protect. This uniform attitude is like a jewel which adorns one’s inner personality. He who is wise to adopt and pursue Sama-duhkha-sukha attitude is led to Shreyas (auspiciousness).

Discussing the twin propositions of Sat and Asat, Swamiji says that Asat is that which never comes into expression or prevalence. Sat is something which never goes out of expression. It does not undergo any change. Explaining the subtle concepts, Swamiji says that Sukha-duhkha are not either Sat or Asat. The truth is that it is something else which makes us feel Sukha and duhkha-the ‘I’ which is present in both happiness and unhappiness. They are the transitory display of the ‘I’.

Continuing with this revelatory and eye-opening proposition, Swamiji explains that when one probes into Sukha or Duhkha, he will find the resplendent ‘I’. Sukha and duhkha are there only to reveal the ‘I’ behind them. Try to unearth the Self which brings them and be infused with the Subject, urges Swamiji.

All objects are there only to point to and confirm the presence of the singular Subject. Swamiji exhorts seekers to introspect on this. He assures us that our mind will become lighter when we understand and absorb this.

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