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049 – Sadhana Chatushtaya | Essential Qualities of a Seeker of Truth | Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

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Essential Qualities of a Seeker of Truth
In this talk, Swamiji deals with the six virtues that should adorn a seeker of Truth. Giving various examples of our responses to life situations, Swamiji helps us understand that these virtues can be cultivated through Vichara or introspection. He exhorts all the listeners to look within and assess themselves.

Swamiji deeply analyses each of the virtues which culminate in the mind becoming completely and wholesomely fixed on the Truth.

We are given to understand that when the qualities of Discrimination, Dispassion and the six virtues adorn a seeker, his mind starts having an intense aspiration for liberation. Swamiji says that this aspiration grips the mind and one is keen to discard the constrictions of the mind. You have an intense yearning for liberation from all the shackles of the mind and intelligence.

Swamiji concludes saying that the Zenith or Ultimate of all the virtues is Knowledge alone.

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