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072 – Living the Message of Bhagavad Gita | Swamini Ma Gurupriya

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In this talk, given during the first Global Bhagavad Gita Convention, Ma shows us the way to practice spiritual knowledge in our daily life.

Ma tells us that if our mind wants to feel divinity every moment, then all our thoughts, words and deeds must be soaked with a feeling of blessedness and gratitude towards the Supreme Lord, who is the final refuge, benefactor and giver of life. Every activity, big or small should be done with great care and attention, mentally offering it as a worship to the omniscient God. Only then our mind will get purified, and we will find absolute contentment in the resplendent Self within!

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Narayanashrama Tapovanam, an Ashram located in Thrissur, Kerala, embodies the unique tradition of Guru-shishya Parampara, disseminating Brahmavidya (Science of Self-knowledge) through regular classes, satsangs, and above all, through learning in the association of a realized spiritual master.

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