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Empowering the Mind – Key to Performantial Excellence | Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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This is a talk delivered by Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha at the Prakash Mehrotra Memorial Lecture in New Delhi.

In this lecture, Poojya Swamiji explains how to develop excellence in everyday life. Like all other good qualities, excellence can and must be cultivated by the mind.

Swamiji highlights the fact that the process of becoming excellent involves application of intelligence, hard work, and integrity. Intelligence should conduct a rigorous self-evaluation of all one’s actions. Hard work is a necessary prerequisite to becoming excellent. Integrity involves the combination of thought, speech, and direct action.

Swamiji also stresses that rather than focusing on performance in some limited areas, the practice of excellence should imbue every aspect of our lives. We need look no further than the Bhagavad Gita for models of excellence, says Swamiji. Faced with the absolute crisis of personality of Arjuna, his charioteer Sri Krishna rose to the occasion and completely resolved Arjuna’s inner turmoil with his exposition of the Truth. In doing so, he inspired Arjuna to rise to new heights of excellence in the fulfilment of his duty in the battlefield.

Swamiji narrates several other instances from the Mahabharata where Sri Krishna’s presence of mind and excellence were instrumental in resolving great conflicts. Swamiji uses these practical examples to illustrate the process of developing excellence.

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