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Spiritualizing Business for Greater Success | Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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This talk, by Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, was addressed to business professionals in Malaysia.

In this lecture, Poojya Swamiji discusses the importance of spiritualizing business operations. Rather than implying any religious connotation, the term spiritualization actually refers to the rational and intelligent application of values to a business. The process must originate from the mind of the business owner and begins with the realization that all business entities are inextricably connected to human society and the natural environment.

Swamiji emphasizes that the purpose of a business is not just to generate profit, but to improve the quality of life of all connected to the business - whether it be consumers, employees, or the business owners themselves. Creating such a business requires products/ services of high quality packaged in a secure and aesthetically appealing fashion. Swamiji also highlights the fact that care for employee welfare and mitigation of any undesirable environmental impacts of the business are also crucial elements of a spiritualized business. Only such a spiritualized business has true value: it is a historical fact that only businesses run in such a manner survive the test of time to become bastions of value in society.

Swamiji also addresses questions of profit in business: what is an appropriate level of profit and how should earnings be appropriately reinvested to further the business? Several practical examples of spiritual business operations in India are presented to enlighten the listener.

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